API Documentation

Start integrating effortlessly with our API documentation.

How to start

This documentation is designed to assist you in integrating the TempMailCheck API into your code. To use our API, you must possess a valid Access Token and include it in the header for every request; otherwise, all requests will be denied.

Endpoint: https://api.tempmailcheck.com


Content-Type: application/jsonAccess-Token: your-access-token

Check if email/domain is disposable

Returns if email or domain is disposable.

GET /v1/verify/{domain or email}


curl https://api.tempmailcheck.com/v1/verify/test@gmail.com
   -H "Content-Type: application/json"
   -H "Access-Token: your-access-token"


    email: 'test@domain.com',
    domain: 'domain.com',
    disposable: true,
    records: [
    ns: [


HTTP 400: Error in your request. Something is invalid or missing.

HTTP 403: Your API Access Key is not present or is invalid. Also, if you reach your API limit, our back-end will return this same HTTP code.

HTTP 404: Endpoint not found.